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7 Ways To Prepare For The Week

July 25, 2016

As much as I love the resting during the weekend, it also means I need to prepare for the week ahead which could sometimes be tasking. I find that taking time out to get ready for the coming week helps me get in the funk of things and just makes the new week smoother. Here are few things that I do to prep for the week!

Sleep a bit more! Yep, I said it!!……and not just because I actually do love to sleep, but because sleeping helps reset your mind and also spurs creativity. Going to bed late and having to wake up really early can be really frustrating, truth is the only time you get to have a sound sleep is the weekend. So, sleep well and sound but not too much!

Clean out and organize your space! Throw all your dirty clothes in the basket, clean out the fridge, wash your make-up brushes, change your sheets, clean out your purse, organize your wardrobe and your vanity. Just clean what needs to be cleaned and put things back in the rightful place!

Get all laundry done…..yes and yes this is something a lot of us hate. You’d think the invention of the washing machine makes things easier, but nope…not in Naija. Once the timer is set and it starts to wash, the light goes off and doesn’t come back on in about two days or more… Anyways, that’s not any excuse not to get your laundry done. There are a few laundry marts I have come across and it shouldn’t take more than three hours.

Grocery shopping! I’m always happy to do this because I’m such a big fat foodie. This is one of my favorite parts of preparing for the week. I trying to stock the fridge with as many healthy options as I can find because I tend to go off the rail during the weekend by eating all sorts of junk. I also try to stay away from buying any food items that would easily go off once there’s power outage. So for those in Naija, avoid getting items that will easily go off except your generator would be turned on for a while.

Meal Prep…..If like me you are trying to “constantly” eat healthy, it is worth noting that having your food items prepped before the start of a week helps a lot! Dice all your veggies and prep your proteins (wash or pre-cook). This makes the preparation of the meal a whole lot easier.

Take time out for yourself…..I already addressed this in one of my posts and I still stand by this. So all work and no chill make us go crazy, take time out for yourself by getting your hair and nails done, go for a full body massage at a spa, take care of your “insides” and just relax with a glass of wine and a movie!

Pick out your outfit and shoes for Monday to Thursday. Yeaaaa….so you’ve done all you needed to do and all your stuff are in their rightful space and neatly arranged. Now it’s time to pick out the outfits for the week. Picking out and matching outfits for the week is such a time saver!!! I started this a few weeks back and was amazed by how much time I saved in the mornings. This is one habit I hope to continue.

Actively preparing for the week helps you focus on more important things than having to worry about laundry not been done or how you have to rush to the salon to get your hair done rather than having a girls night out with your pals. It may seem hard at first but with time, you’ll get better at it and be on top of things. I’ll love to know your tips on prepping for the week, comment below!

Please share your tips on how you prepare for the week in the comments section!

X, Thelma.


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