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Dazed & Confused… & A Head-wrap

December 18, 2015

Seriously anytime I decide to wear this denim shirt I feel like I actually do get confused, though not so dazed… The weather has been really cold in the mornings, super sunny at noon, cool at night and very dusty in general. Don’t get me wrong I love that it’s cold but I do NOT like the dust. In fact I’ve just left them to keep pilling up on each other “Ain’t nobody gat time ta be cleaning every single day darling!!”

I got this jacket at a bargain for just £5 and as soon as I saw it I fell in love!! It took me back to the days when I use to rock all things over-sized and the best part about it is that it has a very large print on the back that reads “Dazed and Confused” plus it looked like something my fashionista grand-dada would absolutely rock!!…lol

Decided to keep things really simple by pairing a tank top with my ex Asos midi skirt now turned mini skater skirt thanks to my obioma. Since my hair was an utter mess, decided to do a head-wrap with one of my Ankara scarfs and also let my feet breathe with a pair of lace-up sandals from Primark. Threw on my over-sized denim shirt to tie the whole look together. Not sure if I’d get the direct link for the denim shirt but you can shop men’s wear and go up a size or two from your normal size to make it looked over-sized.





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2984_1425214656 Chestnut-Faux-Leather-Lace-Up-Lug-Sandal-3690545 Pleated-Skater-Skirt-Black--3716596_1

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