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How To | Quick & Healthy On-The-Go Museli & Fruit ‘n’ Fiber Breakfast

August 9, 2016

For those days when you are in a crazy rush and you still want to have some breakfast, this recipe is super easy and fast plus you can have it at home, work or even in your car. Food is like fashion, its fun and all about trying out usual stuff and if it doesn’t work out, switch it up until you find what you like.


A small bowl

A cup of museli

2 fingers of bananas

1/2 of an apple

A cup of Greek or low fat yogurt

A handful of Kelloggs fruit and fibre cereal.


Slice your bananas in little circles and roughly chop up your apples in small chunks. Put a table spoon of the yogurt in your bowl and making the layer of yogurt flat. Add two tablespoons of museli on the layer of yogurt, arrange your bananas on top of the layer of museli and add another layer of yogurt on the bananas. Crush your fruit and fibre cereal on top of that and slap another layer of yogurt on the cereal. Finally, nicely arrange your apples on top of the last layer of yogurt and your breakfast is ready!!

Who says healthy eating has to be boring?? What are your fave healthy breakfast recipes?

X, Thelma




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