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March 24, 2017

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It’s amazing how a little determination can take one farther than expected and produce amazing results! I was bit over weight a while back, and struggled with buying clothing items because I refused to come to terms with my size at the time. I either hated every piece of clothing I got delivered or they just did not fit how I wanted. I tried one too many times to get this excess weight off, but all efforts proved abortive! I was no longer comfortable in heels. They just felt like a burden to me! 🙁

One day, I finally decided I was going to do whatever it took to shed the excess weight. I stopped by a Cross fit gym I had always wanted to check out and as soon as I walked in, I knew I was going to come back! It was totally different from the typical gym setting. It looked like a jungle!! I was scared but I knew what I wanted and decided to go for it. I trained like a beast and tried to eat as healthy as I possibly could. I have not reached my body goal yet, but I am totally loving how I currently look while I keep working towards achieving the body I want!

At the time I got this Ax Paris sheer lace crop top, the sleeves were way too tight and very uncomfortable. I always ended up putting on something entirely different each time I planned wearing it! The wide legged pants were just perfect at the time in terms of sizing, but the fit was total rubbish! After five months of training hard and healthy eating, I was finally able to feel comfortable in my crop top and the wide legged pants fit even fit even more perfect…lol!

Anyways, my point is “determination, hard work and a little patience always pays off at the end”. X!

Photographed by Soji Abimbola


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